Ahoy, print enthusiasts! Ever noticed how the soul of your printing endeavors, the ink, needs a little TLC now and then? Especially when it’s the dazzling Mimaki SS21 ink we’re talking about. This ink, with its splendid capabilities, is like a fine wine; it needs care, attention, and the right environment to truly shine. So, let’s embark on this maintenance journey together and ensure our printers live their best, longest lives!


First off, let’s talk storage. Think of your SS21 inks as tropical plants. No, they don’t need sunlight or water, but they do love a consistent temperature. Ideally, storing them between 5°C to 35°C ensures they remain in prime condition. And, oh! Make sure they’re stored upright. They’re a bit particular about that!

Next on the agenda, a gentle shake! Now, I’m not suggesting a dance party with your inks (although that sounds fun!). Every now and then, especially if they’ve been sitting idle, give your SS21 cartridges a gentle shake. This helps in mixing the pigment and the solvent, ensuring consistent color output.

Speaking of sitting idle, here’s a golden nugget: try not to let your printer and the SS21 inks laze around for too long. Regular usage keeps the ink flowing smoothly, preventing it from settling or drying out. Think of it as a morning jog for your printer!

Now, onto the print heads. These babies are sensitive. Regular cleaning prevents any ink residue from building up. Use a soft, lint-free cloth and a bit of cleaning solution meant for solvent inks. Gently wipe the print head surface, being careful not to touch the nozzles. It’s a little like pampering your printer with a spa day!

Lastly, remember the old saying, “Keep your friends close and your ink’s expiration date closer”? Okay, I might’ve made that up, but it’s solid advice! Always check the expiration date on your SS21 cartridges. Fresh inks mean vibrant prints and smooth printer operations.

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