Every home tells a story, and in Melbourne’s bustling neighbourhoods, there’s a chapter dedicated to underpinning concrete construction Australia. Beneath those charming façades and manicured gardens, some homes needed a little ‘behind-the-scenes’ support. Enter Rectify, Melbourne’s underpinning maestros, turning foundation frowns upside down. Grab a cuppa, and let’s take a whirlwind tour of some of their most talked-about projects.

1. The Victorian Gem in Fitzroy: The intricate latticework and ornate balconies of this 19th-century marvel were being let down, quite literally, by its sinking foundation. Rectify’s approach? A blend of traditional underpinning with modern technology. The result? The property not only regained its stability but also added value, all while preserving its historic charm.

2. The Beachside Bungalow in St Kilda: Beautiful sea views come with a side of soil erosion for this coastal abode. Rectify’s team dived deep, using resin injection techniques to solidify the soil and ensure the home had a firm footing. Today, the bungalow stands tall, offering unobstructed sunset vistas without a worry in the world.

3. Modern Mansion in South Yarra: Luxury met practicality when this sleek, modern home showed signs of differential settlement. Using screw piling, Rectify made sure each square inch of this sprawling property had a consistent, stable base. The happy homeowner? They got to enjoy their indoor pool and cinema without a foundational care!

4. The Quirky Cottage in Brunswick: With its colourful walls and eccentric design, this little house was a local favourite. But a shifting foundation threatened its quirky character. Rectify to the rescue! A combination of traditional underpinning and soil reinforcement made sure the cottage kept its whimsical appeal for years to come.

5. The Heritage Wonder in East Melbourne: Nestled among the tree-lined avenues, this heritage-listed beauty was showing age-related wear. Respectful of its historic significance, Rectify undertook a meticulous underpinning project, ensuring modern interventions didn’t tamper with the property’s storied past.

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