Thanks to your carpets, your home’s ambiance may be warm and inviting. However, they may develop stains, wear, and filth over time. Should you replace your carpet or have it cleaned by a professional is debatable? We at carpet cleaning cammeray know the predicament and can offer advice on when to choose. Let’s consider the elements when choosing between replacing and cleaning your carpet.


Condition of carpet: Your carpet may need to be replaced if it shows evidence of severe damage like fraying, tears, or stains that won’t go away. On the other hand, a thorough cleaning can bring back the carpet’s original luster if it is lightly soiled and has only surface stains.

High-traffic areas, like hallways or living rooms, are more likely to sustain wear and tear. It can be essential to replace your carpet if it exhibits apparent indications of wear, such as flattened threads or matting. On the other hand, lightly used carpets can have their appearance revived and have their lifespan increased with professional cleaning.

Allergies and scents: It may be time to replace the carpet if you or any members of your family experience allergies or if there are persistent, unpleasant scents that are difficult to get rid of by routine cleaning. Newer carpet alternatives are more resistant to allergens and have odor-reduction features.

Long-Term Cost Factors: Although changing a carpet is more expensive up front, it can give your property a new look and raise its worth. On the other hand, professional cleaning is a more economical method for preserving the cleanliness and beauty of your current carpet.

Professional Evaluation: Our skilled professionals can assess the state of your carpet and offer experienced guidance catered to your unique requirements. We will objectively evaluate the best course of action, considering elements like the type of carpet, its age, and its general condition.

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