“Should I Pay Someone To Do My Online Class?” This is the question that kept popping into my head while I read my math textbook. I found arithmetic to be a strange language, full of intricate formulas and arcane ideas. The ‘Math Homework Outsourcer’ experience I had astonished me and made me like math even more.

Do you recall being in a maze? That was how my math homework felt. Every problem seemed hopeless. In desperation, I outsourced my assignment. I made a bad choice, but I was confused and stressed out due to deadlines. This was meant to be a band-aid solution, but it ended up being more involved.

Upon receiving professional responsibilities for the first time, I was opened-minded. Instead of answers, I received a blueprint. I could understand step-by-step solutions with explanations. It functioned similarly to a foreign language translator. Calculus and algebra hieroglyphs gradually transformed into phrases.

Talk about my change in viewpoint. Initially, math was a monster to be avoided before bed. It was like turning on the light when I outsourced my schoolwork. The thing became less frightening. In the dark, a pile of clothes appeared unsettling. It taught me the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. Why is the quadratic formula effective? Why would algebra require letters? Instead than focusing solely on numbers, I learnt how to solve math problems.

This vacation included learning math as well as learning how to learn. Every project that was outsourced taught us something. I adopted the strategies of experts. I asked them why they were using these techniques to get the answers they needed. It was more like teaching yourself to fish than being given fish. My understanding and tactics expanded.

Just like every journey, there were challenges. It was crucial to avoid becoming unduly reliant on the assistance. It’s easy to lose faith in your abilities when you have support. I had to constantly remind myself that education, not just homework, was the goal. It was like learning to ride a bike without training wheels—it took balance.

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